Working age diseases and how to take care of yourself

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Working age diseases and how to take care of yourself

The working age is the of life sitting in front of the computer. Outdoors or having to stand for long periods of time throughout the day. While the working age is the party age. Socialize every week, so the disease hits in working age. It usually starts after the second or third year of work. Let’s see what are the hit diseases in working age. and how to take care of yourself. Report from

1. Office Syndrome

The most popular disease among office workers. It is a symptom cause by sitting in the same position for a long time. Without moving the body cause us back pain or muscle pain in different parts of the body

Treatment method: Physical therapy with physical therapy. Tools as appropriate for the symptoms such as ultrasound, laser therapy, electrical stimulation. and hot compress Stretching muscles, etc. Acupuncture relieves pain. and increase blood flow exercises to increase physical fitness and get enough rest

2. Migraine

It is a symptom that occurs from having to focus on something for a long time. or are under stress cause a headache

How to take care: can solved by resting for 10-15 minutes to make you feel relaxed. Or receive acupressure therapy Using essential oils, eating ginger powder, doing yoga, and taking magnesium supplements.

3. Acid reflux

Symptoms arising from eating behavior. It was found that it was cause by not eating on time. or not chewing food thoroughly Long-term effects. This disease can lead to cancer.

How to take care of it: Take care of yourself, don’t stress. Because it causes the stomach secrete more acid. Shouldn’t eat food 3 hours. Before bed, otherwise the food not completely digest.

4. Cystitis

It is a symptom cause by holding urine for a long time. From sitting at work for a long time. It may be caused by drinking less water. This results in a bacterial infection causing inflammation. It mostly occurs in women.

How to treat: See a doctor for a specific examination and take medication as prescribed by the doctor. At time, drink plenty of water and not hold back urination.

5. Hypertension

It is a disease found in tall office workers. Most of the reasons to work. It may cause by stress at work. Pressure in various matters cause by smoking. Eating spicy food can lead to hemorrhagic stroke

How to take care of it: Control your weight within the normal range. If you are obese, losing weight quickly, exercising regularly, choosing a low-salt diet, reducing your alcohol intake to a reasonable range, and quitting smoking are effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease, manage stress, Eat quality food by reducing salty foods. Reduce oily food, increase fruits and vegetables by eating lower blood pressure.