A card game that everyone plays Pokdeng.

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A card game that everyone plays Pokdeng.

As previously mentioned, because Pokdeng is a card game. That can play by all genders and ages. The level of ease is almost the easiest of all card games. Including not using a lot of money to bet Just a fraction of the coins. We have with us can bet on the band of cards. As for anyone who has a little thick money, they can ask to be a dealer. 

Which rules to play Pokdeng card games do not take sides on the banker’s side like other types of gambling games because the chances of making money on both the banker’s side and the player are equal. Will be able to choose whether to draw a 3rd card to continue playing or not If satisfied with the total points. That have already select. without having to draw a 3rd card. But the dealer’s advantage Will have the right to play 2 strokes. That is may ask to catch a player. Who draws 3 cards to eat money. Before a round Then draw a third card to fight the rest of the players. Let’s go to UFABET.

How to play Pok Deng

  • Players place bets according to their convenient funds. which must not exceed the maximum limit set by the dealer But if the dealer is unlimited, it can be full.
  • The dealer starts to distribute cards to everyone in the circle, 2 cards each, either left or right. by giving himself the last
  • After each person looked at his or her cards. Anyone who gets his show their cards immediately.
  • For those who do not pokdeng count the points according to the positive results of the cards and continue playing.
  • In the event that the dealer gets Pokdeng. The game will over immediately.
  • The player may ask to draw a 3rd card if the sum of the 2 cards in their hand is still low.
  • If the dealer does not pokdeng Every hand has the right to call a third card before the decision is made. The dealer then measures the points with the players.
  • To measure points, players must measure points with the dealer only. cannot measure between players together
  • After the points have been measure. The dealer pays the winner and the loser pays the banker.
  • The payout has both normal pay rate and payout rate of special points such as Tong, Sort, Sian, etc