Lisandro Martinez Argentine players who have play with Manchester United

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Lisandro Martinez Argentine players who have play with Manchester United

The contract has sign for Lisandro Martinez, the 24-year-old Argentine receiver, a former alumnus of Erik ten Hag. Who moved from Ajax to join his former boss. At Manchester United for a fee of 46.5 million pounds this summer.

With the arrival of Martinez, being the eighth Argentine player to have moved to Old Trafford. Today we want to bring fans back to watch. That there have any players with blue and white blood. Who have played for Manchester United and how successful each person has been. Follow to watch.

  1. Lisandro Martinez

And then comes the latest Argentine to move to Old Trafford for the 24-year-old defender who plays in a variety of positions in defense from centre-back to full-back total. To the defensive midfielder It also works well with Ajax over the past three years until Erik ten Hag. Chose to bring him in to tighten the nut in the defensive game. That has extremely problematic throughout the past year. Come It has to be seen how much Martinez will eventually meet the expectations of the fans in the upcoming season!

2. Alejandro Canacho

The young Argentine national team attacker move from Atletico Madrid as a youth in 2020. Until last season at the age of 18. It seems that he has start to make a name and play a role in the team. Big for the first time By getting the opportunity to field in the Premier League 2 games as a backup

3.Sergio Romero

The 2014 World Cup vice-champion Dan Dan is the only. Argentine goalkeeper to have ever move in. Theater of Dreams Romero started out as a goalkeeper with Racing Club in Argentina, before moving to the Netherlands with AZ Alkmaar in 2007, followed by Sampdoria in Italy. in 2011 and converged with Manchester United in 2015 

But it seems that after moving to the Red Devils, his future seems to have started to fade little by little. Because no matter how much it shows. It can only the second of the number 1 like David de Gea, even though there are some moments when the Spanish checkpoint fell. He still didn’t get a chance. He has also been dropped in a cup of deep football

Although before that, he has always performed well. Romero has only appeared in 61 games for Manchester United and has on the pole in just seven league games. Only for 7 years with the Red Devils