‘Liverpool vs. Man City’ to kick off at noon after the national team.

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Jurgen Klopp, the great manager of “Reds” Liverpool, has come out to criticize the scheduling of the Premier League matches again after scheduling a big match against Manchester City after the international break on the 25th. This November, taking place at 12:30 (local time),

the game at the Etihad Stadium is a true highlight as it will be a meeting of two of the best Premier League teams in years. After this Happened at a time when both of their works were in full swing. The Sailing team is on top. While the Reds are second in the table

, however, the game is scheduled to take place at 12:30 on November 25, less than 72 hours after the international game, which will have a huge impact on the stars traveling. Help the nations of South America Especially after the game Argentina met Brazil. http://ufabet999.com

“How can you arrange a game like this to happen on Saturday at 12:30?” Klopp complained. “

To be honest, the people with decision-making power They didn’t have any sense of football. It’s impossible, or this is the time when the world pays the most to watch football games.” “

Anyway, all the players will be returning on the same plane. All players from South America Get them from different countries.”

In addition, Klopp believes that in the end, the decision to do this did more harm to the Premier League than good. Because when the players are tired They were unable to show their best in one of the most important matches of the season.

“You have to fight your way through the toughest league in the world. And prepare again for the games on Thursday, Sunday, Thursday. “

But if the Premier League has the opportunity to do it Just get ready for Saturday at 12:30 PM.”