Southampton hadn’t learn anything after their near relegation.

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Southampton hadn’t learn anything after their near relegation.

Southampton captain James Ward-Prouch Said to admit. That his team had not learn anything at all. After they were relegated as the first team in the Premier League this season

“Southern Saints” lost in a game that was important to survival in the last game. And put them 8 points behind the survival standings with the last three games remaining. Which, if they are relegated, will be relegated from promotion in the year 2012-2013. And will another disappointing season for the team. With a change of coach in use, Ruben Celles is the team’s third coach this season.

“Every game is lost, it ends on the pitch. And when we let easily concede two goals in the last game, even scoring three goals is not enough to win. I think it can tell about the situation of the team at the moment.”

“From the first game of the season against Spurs. Until today’s game I think our team has not learned anything. no development We just accept the results that come out. And most of us will teams. That are disappointed with it. When you do the same things and get the same results. We didn’t learn anything from them. It’s frustrating. and pain for everyone It’s not just me, everyone, everyone who has the opportunity to do something special for this club.

“We have to win all the remaining games. That was the only chance for us.”

The 28-year-old Ward-Prowse is one of the products from the club’s youth team. and play with the team all the time for only one club. He has a contract with the club until mid-2026.